Does your shoulder hurt when you swim faster or increase your distance?

Do you have pain or trouble doing full pushups, overhead snatches, presses, or pullups?

Can’t take your or bra on/off without wincing or making a face?

SO many people have shoulder pain and get diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear or tendinitis and wonder if they need to have surgery.

What is the infamous rotator cuff? Check out this video of @ironptmom explaining where these 4 muscles are and what they do. Volume ON!

You’ve got 4 of them: supraspinatus, subscapularis, infraspinatus and teres minor.

Their main job is to :

1) Stabilize the shoulder joint and

2) Glide the “ball in the socket” so when you lift your arms overhead, nothing gets “pinched” in there aka shoulder impingement.

Stay tuned for a follow up video on how to help your shoulder when you develop tender spots, trigger points or excessive tension in some of these muscles!

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