I felt pretty good on the swim, despite the choppiness and the currents. I felt pretty well prepared. The swim clinics from Waterworld swim were integral for my preparation for this race. I did two jumps with them and I did a crossing from Alcatraz to aquatic park in the months leading up to the race. I wasn’t fast but considering I learned how to swim when I was 33 years old, I think I did fairly well! It’s a huge relief to see the beach and get out of the water. I was pleasantly surprised to see wet suit strippers which is just awesome if you’ve ever tried to get out of a wetsuit. That’s nearly as difficult as the swim itself!

There was a half mile run on pavement to transition. I did have a bag at Swim exit and quickly put some shoes on and was surprised at how quick I was able to run after the swim. I think I was  pumped from surviving the swim! 

The bike course was hilly as expected since we are in San Francisco. I’m very comfortable biking up and down hills so this was a pleasant ride for me. I suppose many people I hate biking up hills and overheard a couple of Ironman athletes complaining that Ironman was easier than this race course lol

By the way, it’s helpful to keep an eye on the unique house or flag that is in alignment with where you put your bike in transition. When you’re running in from the swim, you can be kind of disoriented and forgetful. The last thing you wanna do is go up and down the aisles looking for your bike.

I had a pretty fast transition from the bike to the run. There were volunteers and 8 aide stations at every mile. The most challenging part of this run is the run along the sand and then the dilapidated sand ladder. It was less of a ladder and more of just walking up sand. I recommend running along the water where the sand is more packed. After the ladder, there’s a bit more climbing and then you get to go fast downhill with the return to Crissy field being flat.

The run to the finish line is just awesome because there are literally tons of people along the side cheering you on. It’s just an amazing feeling to cross that finish line. I understand why this is such a bucket list race for triathletes, it truly was an epic experience! I highly recommend this race and may just do it again next year!

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