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low back pain

Michael Steinbrecher


I am an avid road cyclist. I am on my bike 3-4 times/week averaging ~150 miles/week, including intense group rides and very hilly rides throughout the East Bay. In December 2019, I had successful lumbar spine surgery for a herniated disc. I returned to riding in March 2020 and felt great until experiencing significant new low back pain in the L5-S1 region. The pain became debilitating and in December 2020 I was forced to stop riding. My orthopedic surgeon recommended physical therapy. I was somewhat skeptical, having been through PT previously and finding it to be of limited value. Still, I researched physical therapists and looked for a practice that had experience treating cyclists. I discovered Victoria Liu and the team at Ironhorse Physical Therapy and Pilates. At my first appointment, they quickly diagnosed a number of problems that were likely contributing to my low back pain, including misaligned hips, tight hip flexor muscles, and limited mobility when bending and twisting. They also recommended having an experienced professional look at my position on the bike. I was impressed with their holistic approach to my care. At subsequent appointments my assigned therapist worked extensively to address these problems through hands-on treatment and a daily regimen of stretches and strengthening exercises. After five sessions, my low back pain has decreased markedly, my hip flexors while still tight have loosened considerably and are no longer causing significant discomfort, and my mobility has increased. I am back on the bike and able to ride at my preferred intensity and duration. I highly recommend the team at Ironhorse Physical Therapy and Pilates. They are extremely knowledgeable, polite, efficient, and responsive to patient concerns. They adhere to stringent health and safety protocols and their office and treatment areas are spotlessly clean. Also, despite being out of network for my health insurance, they generate detailed invoices which vastly simplify the process of submitting out of network insurance claims. These professionals know what they are doing. If you are experiencing discomfort that is inhibiting your athletic pursuits, I suggest you check them out. They have made a huge difference for me and I am very grateful for their expertise, professionalism, and compassionate care.

ironman triathlon

Istvan Makk


I highly recommend Victoria Lui.
While training for Ironman Arizona I developed a debilitating pain in my right knee from overuse 3 weeks before the race. On short notice, Victoria was able to see me and diagnose the problem. She developed an immediate course of action as well as long term follow up plan to prevent the issue from recurring. After our PT session and then following her prescribed workouts in the following weeks, I was able to finish my race pain free with a new PR, finishing 7th in my age group.

run pain-free

Sharon Larkin


After experiencing pain from an Achilles tendon tear for well over 2 years, I finally had Achilles tendon repair surgery in Jan 2020. Four months after surgery, with my right foot immobile in a boot for 4 months, I began research for a physical therapist to help me through my rehab process. My objective however was to find a physical therapist who would not only help me to regain use of my right foot via a PT plan, but to find someone who also focused on full body health and well being. After reading numerous websites, patient reviews and ratings, I called Ironhorse Physical Therapy & Pilates and Victoria (owner) answered my call. After my phone consultation that day, I knew I’d found a therapist who was not only an expert in her field but one who was equally focused on full body health and well being of her patients and was perfect for me. In discussing my goals with Victoria during my first appointment, she assured me that with my commitment to work as hard as possible during my appointments and in between my appointments, following the plan she outlined, achievement of my goal of running was well within reach. Victoria not only provided expertise, guidance and encouragement regarding my physical therapy plan; she also pushed me appropriately (“Without Challenge there is No Change” :-)) to ensure progress toward my goals. Additionally, Victoria provided insight and information regarding proper nutrition, rest, and recovery with an unwavering focus on full body health. This approach to full body health and wellness was exactly what I was looking for in a physical therapist professional. In recalling just how far I’ve come, I remember during my first appointment with Victoria, I literally could not lift my foot off the ground. Nine months into my journey with her, I am now jogging comfortably, working out with weights and bands, and making progress everyday toward my goal of running a 5K by mid-summer!! With helpful insights from Victoria, I have also changed my lifestyle to include significantly improved nutrition with resulting weight loss of 40+ lbs to date! I could not have reached these milestones without Victoria…. she has been an amazing partner to me on my journey and I am beyond grateful to her. I highly recommend Victoria. She is simply excellent….an expert in her field, an accomplished athlete in her own right and an inspiration!

run pain-free

Greg Harper


I first came to see Victoria about lingering Achilles pain about 2 years ago. I was hesitant at first due to cost, but Victoria taught me things about my body that I had overlooked.
I swam at the Olympic Trials and am currently a professional triathlete. I dabble in Ultrarunning. I have gone to see Victoria 7 times over the last two years due to a few lingering pains. None of these pains have prevented me from running, but Victoria was able to pin point areas of weakness and or tightness that I was not. I consider myself a student of injury prevention and Victoria is the best teacher I’ve ever had.
Runners are always hurt. It’s part of the game. Every time I go see Victoria, I leave feeling optimistic about my health. I haven’t had any major injuries since I’ve first gone to see her, even with many 20+ hour weeks of training and numerous 80+ mile run weeks.
Victoria isn’t a magician, you have to put in the work to get better. If you are on the fence, or have lingering issues that prevent you from doing what you love, pull the trigger and get an appointment. The depth of knowledge she possesses about the human body is vast. You won’t regret it.

low back pain

Conner Reilly

I’m a novice athlete. About a year ago I decided that I wanted to train more seriously for soccer (I’m 27, and work a desk job 40+ hours a week). I started running more and discovered kettlebells for strength training. However, I kept getting injured. I learned more about technique and addressed some issues with mixed results, but I kept hurting my shoulder while doing kettlebell training.

Finally, about eight weeks ago I came to terms with the fact that I needed help, but I wasn’t entirely sure how to find it. I found Victoria online because of her expertise in running and kettlebells.

She immediately showed me that my entire left backside was messed up (the pain was only manifesting in my shoulder), and soon after pointed out that I was flaring my ribs during overhead lifts and other activities. This destabilized my core and ultimately resulted in shoulder pain.

After just six visits with Victoria, I can now train with kettlebells with no pain whatsoever.

The next step is to work on running, and I have no doubt Victoria will be able to help. I’ve learned so much these past eight weeks, and I’d definitely recommend Victoria to any athlete experiencing injury!


Riley Cressler

When I first went to see Victoria back in January 2018, I had been having lower back pain on and off for 5 years. I race bikes, backpack, and generally have a pretty active lifestyle at 26 years old, but a few crashes have given me lower back and shoulder issues. Last August I had an incident that resulted in some pretty debilitating hip and lower ab pain. I wasn’t able to ride my bike and I was having issues concentrating at work due to constant pain. I was referred to a couple of different Physical Therapists (PTs) including Victoria, but I wanted to try a PT that took insurance for financial reasons. This led to a several month long endeavor that never solved the hip, ab, or back pain and cost me a lot of time and money.

Fast forward to December and I was frustrated with still not being able to exercise and do the things I wanted to do. I had tried numerous other experimental doctors and the PT I was going to was doing damage control rather than fixing my problems. So, I went back to my primary care physician and he recommended that I give Ironhorse PT and Victoria a try.

The first time I met with Victoria I could tell she was going to be able to help me with my issues because she was focused on how my body worked as a whole. I told her my problems and my experiences of the last couple months and what I wanted to accomplish. She was able to diagnose some issues right off the bat that my other PT hadn’t even thought to look at. She showed me a few exercises the first appointment and I slowly began the healing process.

Over the next 8 weeks I progressed from retraining my muscles to strengthening them with pilates (thanks Holly!) to being able to do a full kettlebell circuit. After not being able to ride my bike for 6 months, I am back on my bike training hard a couple times a week and can concentrate at work again! Virtually all of my hip and back pain is gone and I am stronger than I was before I injured myself.

I have been to several PTs over the last couple of years with mixed success. Often times the bureaucratic nature of dealing with insurance companies at run-of-the-mill Physical Therapy means that the root of the problem might not get taken care of. The difference with Ironhorse PT and Pilates is that they diagnose ALL of the problems and find the root of your issue instead of just looking at the one place where it hurts and only treating that area. The combination of Victoria’s vast experience in her field coupled with access to pilates and kettlebell training creates an environment where you are not only able to get the issue you came in for fixed, but it also allows you to retrain your muscles and strengthen your entire body.

If you have any type of chronic pain or an injury that just won’t go away, I highly, HIGHLY recommend you give Victoria and Ironhorse PT a call. It is absolutely worth it. Victoria will be able to help you.

Rhonda Willens

I was a 55 year old woman who one day woke up not being able to straighten myself to a standing position or sit upright. I had a herniated disc. I was told by my neurosurgeon to try Pilates Therapy to strengthen my core if I didn’t want to undergo back surgery. That is how I cam to know and train with Victoria. She helped me to overcome the extreme pain and mobility issues I was having and to eliminate my need for prescription pain pills. On my first visit with Victoria she did a complete physical assessment and came up with a program tailored to meet my issues. We started with Pilates exercises on a reformer along with some manual muscle manipulation. I was truly amazed at how quickly my body started to respond. I think it had a lot to do with how Victoria truly cares about helping you heal and repair your body and mind. She is patient and understanding of your limitations when it comes to your mental and physical abilities. She answers your questions and educates you about your body. She encourages and motivates you to push through the pain. When you leave your session you feel inspired, a sense of accomplishment, and rejuvenated (maybe even a little sore). You look forward to your next session because you see improvement. It has been 11 years and I have never needed back surgery. I continue to see Victoria and her team of highly qualified Pilates Instructors to maintain my core strength, flexibility, and do other strength training. Her favorite saying to me is “exercise strengthens your muscles around your bones and by improving your balance and coordination as you age you will be less likely to experience a bond fracture due to a fall”. For the same price as a Personal Trainer at a large Gym, I get an intimate environment to do Pilates and other core/strength training in. I do not feel intimidated or judged by others during my time spent at her Studio. Victoria is continuously on top of the newest methods for both strength training and muscle manipulation techniques. She herself is a high level athlete and she practices what she preaches on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Victoria to anyone that is looking for a great Rehabilitation Physical Therapist or just a Great Physical Trainer – she is both!


Larry D

I first started going to Victoria several years ago after many “normal” PT sessions failed to get my hip pain-free after some cycling crashes. I hit the asphalt twice with my right hip over about a year and even after on going PT sessions, my hip was not pain free. After 2 sessions of ART, mobility exercises, and use of various tools by Victoria, the pain went away.

My second set of visits came after a shoulder MRI revealed a 50% torn rotator cuff. I went to a different-than-before “normal” PT provider, and after several weeks of stretching bands and range of motion exercises, I felt I was getting nowhere and still had pain. At the conclusion, the doctor and PT recommended significantly limiting overhead activities or have surgery to repair it. Not happy with that, I turned to Victoria again. With the shoulder mobility exercises and strengthening plan she gave me, I have been able to return to full function with few restrictions on overhead activities. And I’m back swimming again with no problems.

About 18 months ago I had foot surgery to repair some tendon damage. After about 2 months when I could start walking again, I went to “normal” PT to get my foot range of motion and strength back. All seemed fine for several months after that until I started ramping up my bike and run training. Then mild pain in both hips began after activities. With the previous “normal” hip PT unsuccessful, I went back to Ironhorse PT. Victoria’s evaluation showed significant balance, strength, and flexibility issues between my right and left sides, causing among other things, me to walk lopsided. This caused by favoring one side with my foot injury for so long. On to another plan to correct this and after a few months, am significantly better and back in training.

All of these took a plan and time. No quick fixes. But what makes Ironhorse PT different is, their goal is not just resolving the current issue, but also giving you direction on how to stay strong and prevent it from happening again. Why didn’t I just go to Ironhorse PT all along? Because most of the cost is not covered by my insurance, so I was testing success with the other guys. In the long run I probably spent more money and time doing that.


Mike Kobayashi

I am a 54 year old man who sits behind a desk for a living. I went to Victoria to improve my overall fitness and flexibility and decrease the chronic aches and pains I seemed to have developed in both my neck and back over the years, so I felt better and could partake in more weekend warrior activities.

In short, Victoria (and her team) were rock stars. She spent the time with me to diagnosis what the source of my problems actually were (my hips and glutes were way too tight from too much sitting and making my back sore…while my poor posture contributed to my neck problems). Once she diagnosed me, she treated me with a combination of manual therapy, exercise and a home program.

After going to Victoria for the initial treatment period of 4-5 sessions, I was so impressed I continued on with her in a weekly maintenance program. I actually got my wife to begin going as well.

Fast forward ahead to now, and I feel great. I am now weightlifting…squats, deadlifts, doing yoga, pilates, and my flexibility is as good as its been in a long time (I can almost put my hands flat on the floor). I have Victoria to thank for that.

I would highly recommend Victoria if you are serious about getting well or just improving your overall body health.


L Sullivan

After pregnancy and childbirth, I developed lower back pain which I ignored until I threw out my back bending over to change my son’s diaper. Thereafter, I was afraid to lift and carry my baby– I knew then I needed serious help! My doctor recommend Pilates & Physical therapy.

I could have seen a Physical Therapist covered by my health insurance and done Pilates at a local gym, but I chose Ironhorse Physical Therapy & Pilates because of their excellent therapists with unique expertise in core and pelvic floor injury after pregnancy and birth. I also had little experience with Pilates and did not want to risk further injury working with a non-expert who did not know my weak spots.

I had immediate benefits after my first 1:1 session where I learned about my core and how incredibly weak my muscles were after pregnancy– something I never even learned from my OB! I also learned exercises I could do anywhere that strengthen my core and protect my back. After following my program, I’ve become much stronger and aware of my body. I now carry my 40 lb toddler anywhere without fear that I’m hurting my back!!

Because of the great results and brilliant, friendly, caring therapists, I extended my sessions to focus on bigger fitness goals. It’s been over 6 months and I’m still so happy and thankful for Ironhorse Physical Therapy & Pilates! I now recommend them to anyone , even if they DON’T have an injury!!

Amir Afghani

I had arthroscopic hip surgery in Feb and my doctor sent me to another establishment – man I wish I had gone Iron Horse PT. The staff are very knowledgable and they personalize the recovery to your needs. After I suffered a setback in my recovery – I decided to to go give Iron Horse a try, and after just 2 sessions, my range of motion and strength have increased, and my pain is reduced. Don’t think twice about coming here, it will accelerate your return to activity!

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