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At Ironhorse Physical Therapy and Pilates Inc., we provide the following:

  • Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment
  • Manual Therapy: Soft tissue massage, Joint mobilization, Active Release Technique(ART), Myofascial Release, IASTM utilizing The Edge Tool (similar to Graston), Myofascial Decompression/Cupping
  • Pilates, Kettlebells and TRX personal training, duet and small group training (2-3 people)
  • Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Injury Assessment and Prevention
  • Running Gait Analysis and Re-training
  • Restore Your Core after Pregnancy & Childbirth Workshop
  • The Bulletproof Runner Workshop
  • Follow up sessions are generally about 50 minutes to accommodate transition time for cleaning and abiding by CDC guidelines for COVID precautions.
  • Evaluations are about 60 minutes but can take a little bit longer.
  • We do offer 30 minute sessions as well but those are generally planned for our seasoned patients who are requiring minimal tuneups.

Physical Therapy is a service covered by most insurances but it depends on the contract you specifically have with your insurance company. Please give us a call at (925) 222-5446 to discuss how you can get Physical Therapy covered by your insurance.

We are located at 111 Deerwood Rd., ste 220 in San Ramon. Google and GPS will sometimes take you the wrong way so please follow these Directions: From 680 Freeway, take Crow Canyon Exit. Head West towards Home Depot on Crow Canyon Rd. Approximately 1-2 blocks past Home Depot is Deerwood Rd. Take a Right on Deerwood Rd and then an IMMEDIATE Left turn into the 1st parking lot. Our office is the large mirrored building right off Crow Canyon Rd.  

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You should dress in comfortable clothing that you can move in and also exposes the area to be treated (i.e. shorts or workout pants that can be pulled up above the knees or tank top/sports bra for women to expose shoulder). Tight jeans or dress clothes will restrict movement and are therefore not recommended.

If you have any questions please contact us at (925) 222-5446 or complete our form below and we will answer your questions via email as quickly as possible.

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