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Core & Pelvic Floor Rehab

Do you feel like you haven't recovered your core strength since giving birth (even if it was years ago)? Do you get achy in your neck, shoulders or Lower back especially when caring for your kid(s)? Are you frustrated by the appearance andfunction of your post-partum belly but don't know.

Runner’s Knee Pain

3 Tips to help your with Runners Knee Pain I’m Victoria, certified run coach, licensed physical therapist, triathlete, and runner. Here at Ironhorse Physical Therapy and Pilates, we treat quite a few runners and triathletes. So I thought I’d share a few tips with you to help you get out…

Triathlon Race Report: Escape From Alcatraz

Triathlon Race Report for Escape from Alcatraz: August 15, 2021 was the 40th Anniversary of this iconic “bucket list” triathlon race. I feel grateful to have been able to participate and finish it! Here’s my race report.  The day started at 3:45 AM because the transition area opened at 4am…
Should You Ice an injury? IronHorse PT

Should You Ice an Injury?

Should You Ice an injury? For decades, icing has been a go-to treatment for after an injury. It has been touted as a way to reduce inflammation and swelling. However, swelling and inflammation are actually part of the healing process! Therefore, by arresting the inflammatory process by icing, we can…
Core and Pelvic Floor

What is Pilates?

Pilates (pronounced “puh-LAH-tees”) principles and exercises complement physical therapy and are extremely useful for the rehabilitation of injuries. The best person to see if you have injuries and are interested in rehabilitation is a Licensed Physical Therapist who is also a certified pilates instructor! A regular pilates instructor does not…

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy (PT) improves the way you move. We focus on getting you back to enjoying your life, work, and/or favorite athletic activity. At Ironhorse PT and and Pilates, it’s about optimizing your sports performance and releasing your untapped athletic potential as well as getting you pain-free so you can play…
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