Alli McGinnis

Experience: 8+ Years
Phone: (925) 222-5446

Position: Certified Pilates Instructor
 8+ Years
Phone: (925) 222-5446

Alli McGinnis

Certified Pilates Instructor

Alli exudes a love for pilates, fitness and health and loves nothing more than helping others become healthy and strong.  Alli worked professionally in musical theater for over fifteen years and discovered pilates while she was performing across the country in a Broadway show. Eight shows a week applied a lot of wear and tear on her body, so she turned to pilates to strengthen her core and increase flexibility.  She quickly fell in love with the method, and was amazed at how well it complimented her rigorous touring lifestyle. 

Specialized Techniques

Personal Life

Alli is a mom of two young boys and is so grateful for her pilates background as she uses her experience on the journey through motherhood.

Achievements Acquired

After living in New York City and working on the road, Alli wanted to share Pilates with others. She completed a 600 hour classical teaching certification from the Pilates Technique Certification Program in Los Angeles in 2013, where she studied under Jill Cassady and Nancy Preimesberger.  Alli’s nurturing, but upbeat personality attracts clients to her classes where she pushes them out of her comfort zone and into a place of strength and growth. As a result, Alli works hard to keep her sessions fresh, challenging and rewarding for everyone.

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